Owning a dog should be fun!

It shouldn’t feel like a chore 

And it shouldn’t be hard work!

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Dog Training

Have you ever felt like you are ‘that owner’?

Perhaps walking your dog is a nightmare, pulling towards other dogs and walking all over the place twisting the lead around your body, so excited they jump all over your guests, they just don’t listen to you and letting them off the lead at the beach is out of the question? Maybe you feel like you own the worst behaved dog in the neighbourhood.  Trust me, you don’t!  Because you’ve found yourself here looking for help, which shows how much you care for your dog and want the best for them and your family!

At Mind Your Paws we can help you achieve your dog training goals with your dog and get you well on your way to owning the best dog to suit your lifestyle.

Do you want your dog to walk nicely on the lead, listen to your commands, not run through the gate, be calm when guests arrive and join in on family outings?  Then contact us to find out how we can help you.

 Mind Your Paws offers a variety of training options throughout Darwin, Palmerston and the Rural communities to suit your needs and goals.

Therapy dogs

Have you been thinking of bringing Therapy Dogs to your work environment?

Perhaps you work in education, the mental health field, or even your work office is a stressful environment. Therapy Dogs can provide a range of benefits and we’d love to help you achieve them. Head over to our information page to find out more.

Our Therapy Dog programs are based on the love, gentleness and familiarity a dog can provide to help improve the needs of your students and clients.

Maybe you students are having trouble talking to each other and communicating in a respectful manner, they need to build their confidence when talking in front of the class or to teachers, or you are wanting to teach your class how to properly care for and look after their pets.  No matter the goal, Mind Your Paws can certainly help you.

Find out more about how Mind Your Paws can help implement a Therapy Dog program in to your workplace by clicking below.

Who Are We

Mind Your Paws is based in Darwin, Northern Territory and run by Professional Dog Trainer, Kristy Teunissen. To find out more about the team click on the button below. Kristy’s dog training goal is to help owners achieve the behaviours they are wanting to teach their dogs, helping them to be the perfect family member. Through Kristy’s Therapy Dog work she wants to help create a supportive, calm and rewarding environment with the students, staff, and clients she visits with Harlow.


Is your dog being a nuisance at home like Cindy? Perhaps not getting along with other animals in the house… if so

Our Training Goals

At Mind Your Paws we aim to help all owners with their dogs. We want to reduce the number of dogs who find themselves being rehomed, dumped, or surrendered due to no fault of their own, and help owners teach their dog to be the well mannered and obedient dog they want. Mind Your Paws aims to achieve this through a training method that works and is based on the relationship we have with our dog.

We believe owners train their dog/s for one of two reasons;
1) PREVENTION. Teaching puppies and young dogs how to behave correctly before unwanted behaviours start to occur. 
2) REHABILITATION. Helping dogs who have developed behaviours that are not liked by the owner.

Mind Your Paws can help in all situations and with all behaviours owners are struggling with. Dogs trained through Mind Your Paws are taught to listen to their owner no matter the distraction and owners are taught to be confident with their dog, be their leader, and be in control of the situation.

Mind Your Paws offers a variety of services. Head to our dog training page to find out more about each service.

For more information about our different services!