“Training your dog is based on leadership, trust and consistency.”

– Kristy Teunissen

Training your dog has never been easier. Mind Your Paws offers monthly casual classes where you teach your dog to listen to you under all sorts of distractions (tennis balls being bounced, squeaky toys, skateboards, other dogs and people just to name a few).

These classes are held at locations around Darwin and Palmerston.  To attend our monthly classes a private home program must be completed prior to attending.

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Monthly Classes

These classes are aimed at developing a positive relationship with your dog by creating a clear, consistent language through obedience training and good behaviour shaping (jumping, door way entries etc). We strongly believe to have a well adjusted and behaved dog in todays society our dogs require strong obedience skills and be well mannered; they go together nicely.

Training your dog at Mind Your Paws is based on developing a positive relationship with your dog through creating a clear language to communicate with them.  We focus on consistency. Using this, and a simple and effective pattern when teaching, our dogs learn to listen to us and begin to relax.

To attend these monthly casual classes owners need to complete a private training program prior to attending.

We accept all breeds aged 5 months and over. It’s never too late to train your dog! All dogs must be fully vaccinated (titer tests accepted).

“Mind your Paws gave me the basic commands and tones to use to build a relationship of trust with my furchild. I was amazed at how much we achieved in the 10 week training and we are still reaping the rewards. Thanks Kristy, Ralph and Harlow.”

-Taya & Sunny

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