“There’s nothing better than when your dog listens to you when you need them to.”

– Kristy Teunissen

Mind Your Paws has a variety of dog training options available to suit you and your dogs needs.

A new puppy has entered your life and you want to start their training straight away. Perhaps your dog is being a little mischievous at home and not listening. You adopted a dog from a local rescue group and want to set the rules straight away. Walking your dog is a nightmare because their behaviour isn’t the best.

No matter your goal, the behaviour issues of your dog, we have a program suited for you.  Mind Your Paws has dog training programs available that focus on general obedience around the home, getting your puppy off to the right start and working on behaviour modification issues.

Your first step is to contact us to arrange an initial lesson.  In this lesson we will assess your dog, discuss why your dog is acting this way, and we’ll begin training too.  There’s plenty of time for both you and your dog to learn and have fun training together.  From here we will discuss which training option is best for you and your dog.

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Mind Your Paws was an awesome opportunity to help gain support with training my dog. I had a dog previously who I did at home basic training with and it worked well for me then. With Nala being a larger dog (Rhodesian Ridgeback) and more energy, the strategies I’ve learnt from Kristy have helped me feel comfortable to walk her in public and also let her play with other dogs as I have learnt to read her better.”

– Lauren & Nala

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Home Programs

Not comfortable to take your dog out and about? Want to receive one on one training? Don’t have the time to commit to weekly group classes?

Our tailored to suit you home programs are what you’re after. Mind Your Paws specialises in training and sorting out behaviour issues where we come to you and help you achieve your training goals.

The programs will get you well on your way to achieving the results you are after and having the happy dog that is a pleasure to be around.

Group Classes

To attend our Monthly Group Classes a home program is required to be completed.  This way we can help you achieve your goals by setting and working through a training plan designed for you and your dog.

From here we can then start to introduce the newly learnt behaviours at home into a novel environment around other dogs who are or have been in the same situation as you, and where owners understand what you are going through.

These classes are held at different locations around Darwin and Palmerston.

Puppy Training

Start now! There’s no time to waste when it comes to puppy training. Teach them from the beginning how to be a well mannered dog in a human world and life with an adult dog will be so much easier.

Puppy training at Mind Your Paws focusses on more than socialisation with other dogs. We teach you and your puppy the basics to training, and guide you through the most important time of your puppies life.  We help you to develop a happy, confident and willing to learn puppy.

Contact us to find out how we can help you to have the best puppy you’ve ever owned!

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