“We want our dogs to live in a crazy human world, but we don’t teach them how.”

– Kristy Teunissen

We have a training option for everyone. All our lessons are tailored to suit individual owners, their dogs and most importantly their goals. Whether you have welcomed home a new puppy, own a destructive adolescent dog, or perhaps you have adopted a dog that you’re unsure of their history. Mind Your Paws accepts all dogs and all ages in to any of our in-home training programs.

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Adult Dog Training

Essential Dog

Is your dog adventurous with a happy-go-lucky nature but they just will not listen you when you ask them to sit? Do they have poor manners and jump all over your guests?

As an owner you want to take your dog on an enjoyable walk without being pulled down the street because your dog wants to say hi to everyone. You want your dog to sit when you ask and you want to feel confident and be in control of your dog

Lessons are aimed at on lead control and good manners around the house. Not only will you enjoy the lessons in the comfort of your own home, but you will also get access to our weekly group classes where you’ll be able to further training and continue developing your relationship with your dog.

Platinum Dog

Imagine having a dog that is a pleasure to be a round all the time. A dog you can trust when you go out with them, a dog that will stay in their drop whilst you are out, a dog that listens to you on command and dog that returns to you when called. Taking your dog to the beach or on camping trips will be a lot easier when they are listening to you and understanding the rules that have been put in place.

Perhaps your dog makes walks difficult by barking and lunging at everything they see. They are growling or biting when guests arrive, even at you and your family. Owning your dog is stressful and it’s easier to leave them in the backyard.

You will develop a very clear language with your dog, teaching them to respect you, trust you and you will be confident handling your dog in a variety of situations. You will learn to handle and solve the unwanted behaviours now and in the future.​

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Puppy Training

Do you want to do more than just puppy training? Then this is the option for you. It covers correct socialisation, foundation obedience exercises, and basic manners for around the house. We will help you learn how to raise a puppy effectively, safely, and appropriately so they grow to be a well mannered adult dog in your family and the community.

We don’t expect our kids to know everything after pre-school so why should we expect that of our puppies?  Start training your puppy from as soon as they arrive home.  Prevention is far easier to train for than rehabilitating a dog with behavioural issues.

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