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Dozer- English Staffy

“I am so pleased we took the chance on Mind Your Paws!!! Kristy and Ralph have taught us soooo much! Dozer has calmed down significantly, walks beautifully on lead, can be trusted in a drop step away for over half an hour!!!(never thought that was possible!!!) And is becoming quite the well mannered pooch in public. Jumping has decreased significantly (and i expect will completely stop soon with some more practice in tougher situations) do yourself and your furbaby the favour and do the 10 week course! We have gone from shell shocked in the first week (wow we had a lot to learn) to acheiving all of the tasks and we have a better relationship now that I know how to create trust with my dog. Thank you Kristy and Ralph!!!”- Sinead, Bakewell


November 12, 2018