“It’s easier to train for prevention rather than rehabilitate problem behaviours.”

– Kristy Teunissen

You’ve just welcomed a new puppy in to your home.  Perhaps you’re a first time dog owner and wanting guidance about puppy raising.  Or maybe you just want to get on to training straight away.  Then we have the perfect Puppy Training program for you.  The best part about it, we run all lessons at your home so it’s safe and there’s no risk to your puppy.

Our puppy programs cover correct socialisation, foundation obedience exercises, basic manners around the house, answer all your puppy raising questions, and introduce some basic fun tricks to keep your puppy thinking.  We will help guide you on your puppy raising journey as it’s the most important time of their lives.

We teach our kids right and wrong from a very young age, so we shouldn’t expect any different from our puppies.  Start training your puppy from as soon as they arrive home.  Prevention is far easier to train than rehabilitating a dog with behavioural issues.

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“Rastas and I joined the Pack when he was just 10 weeks old and I can’t thank Kristy enough for working with us to find something that suited our lifestyle. She helped me to teach Rastas the correct way to “meet” other dogs and behave in public, something which I hold invaluable. I always wanted a dog I could take anywhere, and it’s with Kristy’s help that my best friend can comfortably come with me anywhere. Professional and talented, Kristy gave me tools which work for every goal I’ve had. I can not recommend Kristy highly enough!”

-Alana & Rastas

Puppy Socialisation

Did you know puppies have a critical socialisation period which can open anywhere between 3-4 weeks and close between 14-16 weeks? The average owner who brings home their puppy at 8 weeks old then keeps their puppy contained for two weeks after the final vaccination on the advice of their Vet, misses out on teaching their puppy a lot, exposing them to positive learning experiences during this critical stage.  Keeping your puppy healthy is extremely important but you can socialise your puppy safely.

What is Socialisation?

Socialisation is about exposing your puppy to a variety of sounds, environments, people, animals, places etc early in their life.  These experiences need to be positive and rewarding.  Often owners have all best intentions to socialise their puppy properly but unfortunately sometimes puppies have negative experience due to the ‘Fight or Flight’ response that kicks in, and because owners usually cuddle their puppies to make them feel better, this often reinforces behaviour.

This is where Mind Your Paws stands out from all the other puppy programs.  We focus on creating a safe and rewarding environment for your puppy to learn.  Where you feel comfortable to take your puppy out in to the real world.  Watch the video below for an example on correct puppy socialisation.

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