“The Hub is a one stop shop. All your dog training needs can be found in The Hub.”

– Kristy Teunissen

Have you been wanting to train your dog but don’t have the time to attend group classes? In home private lessons with a trainer is too expensive? We have the program for you. ‘The Dog Training Hub’ allows you to train at home, working through it in your own time. It covers everything. From foundation work such as loading your marker to create a clear language with your dog so you can communicate effectively, to obedience skills and we’ve even got tricks as a module.

You are supported throughout the program, by me, Kristy, Head Trainer here at Mind Your Paws. I’m ready to answer your questions, watch your videos in our very own private Facebook Group. The Hub members are wanting to learn from everyone who is a member and they are extremely supportive.

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Inside ‘The Hub’

Inside ‘The Hub’ we currently have 10 Modules for you to work through.  We’ve set them out in order for you to follow through in the order they are.  Why?  Because we believe it’s important to set up a clear communication system with your dog.  Once you and your dog can communicate clearly with each other, then we can tackle the main concerns you have.  Below you will find examples of some of the Modules included in ‘The Hub’.  

Here you will find all the theory behind dog training.  Why we use particular markers, using reinforcement to create behaviour and choosing the correct training ground.

Follow our step by step process to teaching your dog to walk nicely on the lead.  We break the skill right down so it’s easy to set your dog up to win and make the walk far more enjoyable.

Make the words you use with your dog meaningful.  Give them power.  Teach your dog some basic skills like a hand target and teach them about rear end awareness.

Not only do we teach you obedience commands, we also cover tricks in one of the modules.  Ever wanted to teach your dog to spin in a circle, walk through your legs or even how to roll out a mat?  Tricks are great fun and are great for furthering the bond and relationship with your dog.

To find out more about ‘The Dog Training Hub’

just follow the link!

Why should I train my dog?

Training your dog is important.  It allows you to develop a clear communication system with your dog that has clarity for both you and your dog.  It gives your dog more freedom, meaning your dog is more likely to be included in family activities such as going away, picnics at the beach, and being involved in everyday life around the house.


Some common mistakes owners make when training their dogs include using a variety of words with the same expectation and members of the house having different rules. This makes for one confused dog.

In ‘The Hub’ I help teach you how to have clarity with your dog.


Training and teaching your dog to understand you and listen to you only increases their freedom. When your dog listens when out and about, knows how to behave around other people and animals, their life only gets more enriched.

Through ‘The Hub’ I can help you give your dog the freedom they want.


Training helps you to understand your dog and learn more about them. What makes them happy, what is and isn’t rewarding for them, helps you to work through challenges together, and develops a mutual relationship of trust.
In ‘The Hub’ I help you to bring out the best in each other.


Owning a dog should be fun and training can help. Have you gone been on a walk with your dog and thought I could get my dog to go around that tree, jump that fence, go through that gap, or just sit and watch the world go by together?

I can help make owning your dog fun all through ‘The Hub’.

The best part about ‘The Hub’

Private Facebook Page

Access to ‘The Hubs’ very own private facebook page.  You can post as many questions and/or videos you like to help you on your training journey.  It’s highly encouraged.  Once a month in the group is a live video where we chat about a particular topic and you can ask questions.  Feedback is always provided on any of your questions/videos that you post.

10 modules

‘The Hub’ currently consists of 10 modules, all set out in order to help you achieve your goals with your dog.  We start with background information, what different terms mean when it comes to training, where’s the bets place to train your dog.  You then move on to teaching the foundation concepts to improve your dogs behaviour and from there you work through the obedience, loose lead walking, recall to name and more modules. 


Members of ‘The Hub’ and your trainer, Kristy, want you to succeed with your dog.  We cheer you on during your struggles, and support you when things get a little rough.  We jump with excitement when you achieve you see the hard work you’ve put in with your dog paying off.  Training your dog is a wonderful journey and it’s even better when you have support along the way.  We can 

What our members are saying!

Everyone has joined ‘The Hub’ for their own reason.  They’ve bought a puppy and want to do everything right, have tried other training classes and didn’t get the results they were after, have followed us on social media and wanted to train with us, or they have behaviour concerns they want to deal with but are unable to afford a private in home trainer at the moment.  Here’s what some of our members have achieved so far.

Meet some of our members


What's included in 'The Hub'?

‘The Hub’ currently consists of 10 modules and over 50 videos. We have modules that cover the theory behind dog training, puppy foundations, loose lead walking and also teaching novice tricks to your dog.

How do I get individual help?

‘The Hub’ also includes access to a private facebook page where you can ask questions, post videos and join in on the live videos. You get personalised feedback from me to help you in your dog training journey.

Where should I start?

Not sure where to start once you’ve signed up to ‘The Hub’? That’s what I’m here for. Use the private facebook page to ask a question, or email if you don’t have facebook. I’m happy to point you in the right direction and keep you on track with your training.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course you can. All you need to do is login to your PayPal account and cancel it. But please note, cancelling your subscription stops you from accessing the modules and also the private facebook group.

Do you have a guarantee?

In short, no. Unfortunately there’s many factors involved when it comes to training our dogs and the variables are far too many. What I do guarantee though, is you will get all the support I can provide to you during your training with your dog.

To find out more about ‘The Dog Training Hub’

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