Your Trainer

Kristy is a professional Dog Trainer, completing The Alpha Canine Group’s 10 month dog training course in 2010 with Ralph, her canine best friend. To pass this course, Kristy had to train and handle 250 dogs at The Alpha Canine Boarding Kennels in Macclesfield, Victoria, and have Ralph working at demonstration level. Kristy has worked with hundreds of dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments over the years.

Having had a love for dogs since bonding with her childhood pets, her passion and love for dog training came in 2008 when she bought Ralph; a cute puppy in the window that she couldn’t walk past! 10 weeks old at the time, Kristy took Ralph to Puppy Preschool with Alpha because she knew he would be large and wanted to ensure she could have control over him. She also wanted to make sure he would be well socialised and have the basics of a well-mannered dog. Sparking her passion even further, Kristy and Ralph joined Alpha Dog Training at 12 weeks and continues to train him every day. Kristy has also trained her parents dog Oliver, who was dominant and in charge of the household, and Frank, her brother’s dog, as he was beginning to become uncontrollable

This kickstarted her move towards becoming a professional dog trainer, and after completing her traineeship, Kristy began to work at Alpha Canine Dog Training in Knoxfield, Victoria.

In 2010 Kristy furthered her horizons and became a certified Therapy Dog handler for Ralph, completing the Lead The Way course. This allowed Kristy and Ralph to assist and run programs at schools, nursing homes and hospitals. As a Primary and Secondary School teacher, Kristy loves to work with Ralph to help disengaged and struggling students to excel in the classroom.

2011 saw Kristy open Mind Your Paws Dog Training and Therapy Dogs, and upon relocating to Darwin, the business took off! Kristy offers private lessons for dogs of all ages and behavioural needs, as well as Beginner and Intermediate Classes, along with workshops throughout the year.

Harlow (CEO in training)

Harlow is a Standard Groodle (Golden Retriever x Standard Poodle), born October 2014.  She has a hypoallergenic white fleece coat, and has a gentle, sweet nature.  Harlow loves to have fun and cuddle up with anyone who will let her cuddle up next to them, especially children. Harlow was adopted at the age of one and was certified as a Therapy Dog through Lead The Way in 2016.

Harlow enjoys learning new tricks, playing tug-o-war and just being with her special person.  Harlow is always up for an adventure, she loves to play tug-o-war, learn new tricks, and just be with people.  She has the sweetest, most gorgeous personality.

A long with being a Therapy Dog, Harlow is also learning the ins and outs of agility, and is an avid trick dog.  She is currently completing the ‘Do More With Your Dog’ online trick titles.  We hope to compete in ANKC competitions in 2020.

Scout- “The Northern Terror”

Scout is a young Border Collie, born March 2018. His attitude to work is non stop, he’s on the go all the time, always looking for someone to hang out with, and always keen to play.  He brings a whole new dynamics to the Mind Your Paws team.  He loves hanging out with adolescents, keeping them active, showing off his tricks, learning new things, and playing with his ball or frisbee.

Scout started his training with Mind Your Paws at the age of 8 weeks when he started to learn how to behave appropriately at home and develop the perfect manners for when he is around people.  He has also been learning the basics to Agility and Disc (frisbee) dog sports during this time.  Scout loves learning and picks new behaviours up quite quickly.

In September 2019 Scout completed his Therapy Dog certification through Lead The Way.


RIP My beautiful boy

(11/04/08 – 04/04/18)

Ralph is a 9-year-old Standard Labradoodle (Labrador Retriever x Standard Poodle) with a gold fleece coat. He is a highly trained dog having attended Alpha Canine Dog Training from the age of 10-weeks; passing Advanced Level 3 Off Lead.

Ralph is a certified Therapy Dog through Lead The Way. He has a hypoallergenic coat, which means he does not shed and needs to have his coat groomed every eight weeks. Ralph is a gentle giant who loves to show off his tricks and is a real softie who loves getting all the attention.

Ralph passed away in April 2018 (one week shy of his 10th birthday) after two brain surgeries and fighting hard to overcome a fungal infection, aspergillus, but unfortunately there was nothing more that could be done to save him. He was a true gentleman, the reason Mind Your Paws exists, Kristys best mate, and will forever be the angel he was to many people in Darwin. Fly high beautiful boy.