Who Are We

Mind Your Paws is based in Darwin, Northern Territory and run by Professional Dog Trainer, Kristy Teunissen. To find out more about the team click on the button below. Kristy’s dog training goal is to help owners achieve the behaviours they are wanting to teach their dogs, helping them to be the perfect family member, ultimately stopping the unnecessary high rehoming, dumping and surrendering rates in the Northern Territory. Through Kristy’s Therapy Dog work she wants to help create a supportive, calm and rewarding environment with the students, staff, and clients she visits with Harlow. 

Do you want to have the perfect pet? But at the moment you’re struggling with one or more of these issues:


  • Walking nicely on the lead
  • Not coming when you call
  • Listening and following your commands
  • Aggressive behaviour towards other animals
  • Aggressive behaviour towards humans
  • Lunging on the lead
  • Separation anxiety
  • Puppy biting
  • Guarding food
  • Running out the gate

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The Team

The team at Mind Your Paws is fun and friendly. We want nothing more than to help you with your dog training goals or help you implement Therapy Dog programs in to your organisation.

Our Training Style

Mind Your Paws uses a training method that works on all breeds, ages and temperaments of dogs. Known as the ‘Lifestyle Canine Communication System’ created and developed by Greg Fontana, Director of The Alpha Canine Group, we develop leadership, trust and communication with your dog through positive reinforcement that does not rely on treats. This builds the relationship and respect between your dog and you. Mind Your Paws dogs are taught to look to their owners for guidance, listen and respond to your commands and tones.This method has been proven to be successful in rehabilitating many dogs that were close to being surrendered or euthanised because their owners couldn’t handle them or were given the wrong advice to help solve the problem.

In addition to obedience, Mind Your Paws can also help with behaviour modification around the home, teaching your dog to be a happy and respectful family member. Wherever you and your canine friend are, they should know who the leader is, and you should be able to trust them in all situations. If you’re not willing to be the leader, your dog will be.

Some common behavioural problems:

  • Barking/whining
  • Jumping up
  • Greeting guests inappropriately
  • Barging through doors
  • Pulling on lead
  • Aggression- other dogs, people or food

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